lauriesmind asked: your blog is just so useful, love it ! has joanne ever contact you ? :) btw i made youtube videos and maybe you'll like some of it ! :)

Thank you! No she hasn’t.

  Anonymous asked: have you update the faq? Is she still only 18 or...

Sorry, I’ve been pretty useless and haven’t updated, she’s 19 now.

  k-a-r-m-a-is-a-bitch asked: what does her eye tattoo mean?

I don’t think there’s any specific meaning, her boyfriend Lee drew it :)

  agirlnamedally asked: Wow no way! Is Joanne really only fifteen?

No? She’s 19.

  4ida asked: is she currently working of something? or just model thing? I she studying in Bali?

Just modelling as far as I’m aware.