Anonymous asked: Hi Joanne I love your wallpaper on your computer screen on your recent Instagram photo. Do you mind if I ask where you got it from? I love the print so beautiful! x

Hi! I’m not Joanne, you could try ask her on her Instagram or Tumblr (aheartofstone). 

  Anonymous asked: She is going to have a girl !!

I saw :)

  silvanaolayaj asked: OMG shes pregnant cant believe it! Im sure shes gonna be a great mom but wow!!

  ivorybellic asked: Do you have more photos of her latest photoshoot on the beach?

I have some in my queue, they’ll be posted soon :)

  Anonymous asked: SERIPISLY? 19? Wtf she looks so much older... How do you know she's 19/20?

Last year I’m pretty sure she posted a picture with a ‘19’ candle, or mentioned being 19. If you’re curious it’ll be on her Instagram somewhere.

  Anonymous asked: Wait, Jo Anne is only 19?!

Maybe 20 now? 19 or 20.

Joanne is 21 weeks pregnant!

Congratulations :) x

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