Anonymous asked: Can you give me the link to Joanna's tumblr page

  Anonymous asked: Ava is her and that royal beach bums daughter right? So if she's six, then Joanne had her when she was 13/14?!

Ava is only Lees daughter

  Anonymous asked: Do you know where are joanne's pictures on her aheartofstone? Does she have a tagged/me type page hidden? I cant see any of her early photos on her tumblr page even going back to when she was 1st on here. Ive come across a photo with the source as aheartofstone so they must be somewhere. I hope that makes sense.

If you look back through her archive, you can occasionally see some, otherwise I think she’s deleted a few but they’re still being reblogged. She doesn’t have a ‘me’ photo page :)

  hindiskumm asked: Does she have a personal tumblr or blog?

Her Tumblr is aheartofstone :) Otherwise no other blogs that I know of.